• Register:
         July 1 - September 20
  • Run:
         August 15 - October 31
  • Fee: $45
  • My Virtual Mission

How it Works

  • Registration: First, register and pay for the race using the link on the Registration page. Then, use the My Virtual Mission link to register on the tracking site.
  • Course: You can choose to use the actual Cape to Cabot course for your run, or choose your own 20k route anywhere in the world. See Where to Run for more information about the course.
  • Run:
    • Do your run between August 15 and October 31.
    • Do your 20km run in one go if you can, but it is your choice.
    • Record your results on the tracking site either manually or through a device.
    • Shirts and medals will be available in November for pickup or delivery.


This event is taking place during the coronavirus pandemic. Participants are reminded that they should maintain appropriate social distancing at all times while completing their run. Any support provided to you during your run - such as transportation, water, etc - should be by someone within your bubble. Comply with all current public health orders.


  • DIY C2C is a running event, not a race - there is no advantage to taking risks with traffic.
  • Times are not recorded, there is no finishing order, and there are no placing awards.
  • Obey traffic and pedestrian laws.
  • Run facing traffic, especially in areas without sidewalks.
  • Carry a phone in case of emergencies, or have someone in your bubble support your run.