Course Highlights

  • 550m Elevation Gain
  • 450m Elevation Drop
  • Only 3km Flat!
  • 4 Major Climbs
  • Some Grades > 10%
  • Last Mile (Munn Mile) uphill
       with gain of 150m
From the Cape ...
Cape Spear

To Cabot Tower ...
Signal Hill

Your Choice of Route

  • You can choose to run the actual Cape to Cabot route, or your own challenging route, anywhere in the world.
  • For your own route, we recommend a tough course that has at least some of the characteristics highlighted on this page.
  • Whichever route you choose you will be responsible for your own transportation, support, and safety.
  • You may run, walk, or run and walk your selected route. We encourage you to complete the route in one go, but that is not mandatory.

Cape to Cabot Route

The Cape to Cabot route runs from the parking lot at the Cape Spear National Historic site to the parking lot at the top of Signal Hill, next to Cabot Tower. The course is fully marked with a start and finish line, and kilometer markings for every kilometer. Don't forget the short out-and-back section on Southside Road with the turn-around in front of #245, which is also marked. See the maps below.

Full Course                           Downtown

Full CourseDowntown

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